I’m sitting in my favourite cafe today

A young guy comes over to me & offers to read my runes for me…

He says if I like the reading I can give a donation afterwards

Honestly – I shared – I don’t have any cash on me so I wouldn’t have had anything to give him – I’m going to pay with card.

So he shares he owes the cafe 72,000 rupiah approx €5


Could I pay … sure I say.

He gave me the rune & shared his insights..

I’ll cover his lunch.

He got out of his comfort zone & just made it work… trusted that he would find a way..

It brought me right back to the day when I trusted …

My mum woke me up (it’s time to get up if you’re going to Dublin – with a Do you need money??)

Ok I’m getting up. No I’m fine for money (I lied) I was morto this was my situation back at my parents – no job – no money – no prospects – just some singing bowls & healing training??

I borrowed my dads jeep (with half tank of diesel) laden down with bits & bobs – I’d brought back from India & Nepal.

I headed to Dublin with all the money I had in the world €50 cash – a toll to pay & no idea if the stall I had paid €40 in advance was going to work but I just trusted & took action.

Omg – The toll was €7.50!!

And I wasn’t sure I’d have enough for parking for the day… or more petrol to get home…

This day better be worth it.

I parked in a loading bay – expecting to be able to move the jeep later before people started coming

The minute the stand was set up the people started coming & buying & buying & buying – my little stand was mobbed all day long …

My friend was supposed to meet me for lunch (good luck no lunch for me that day..)

I could hardly take a breathe – when she got to the stand –

I threw her the keys (the jeep was now waaaaayy over the time & possibly was towed/ clamped or had a hefty fine) and said find the jeep see if it’s ok..

As the day came to a close.

I had no idea how I’d done – but I had enough to fill the tank, pay for parking..and I knew I’d be able to get my Kris Kindle present & not have to get money off my folks for Christmas…

Well it was better than that..

When I got home… I’d made around €2,000

I know!!!

I couldn’t believe it.

When I get stressed out – I always drop back to that day & with the €50 and how it worked out – things are working out – sometimes we just gotta trust those inklings..

That guy today cheekily ordered his food knowing it would work out.

I’m grateful I can cover it for him..

Do you have a time that you go back to that if you over come that you can do anything??

I’d love to hear…hit reply & share





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