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Making Your Home a PowerHouse with Kath Freeman

Kath had been manifesting her dream home for a long time, but when she received the report for her new home, it revealed that it was bad for money and bad for people. Despite this setback, Kath persisted in making her new home a place of flow and something that would support her and her family. She implemented remedies to improve the situation and as a result, she now finds great joy in her home. Interestingly, Kath also discovered an untapped talent for painting and is now working on completing her first book.



Highlights of the episode…

  • When did she join PowerHouse and why did she join?
  • Kath’s relationship with her house now and the remedies she had to put in.
  • What are the new things she is doing now?
  • What would Kath say to people who are thinking about feng shui and joining PowerHouse?
  • How does Kath’s husband look at feng shui and support her in this undertaking?




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