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Manifest Your Soulmate

If you want to call in your soulmate, your partner, you are in the right place. I’m going to share with you exactly what I did and you can do it too. There’s lots of talk about manifestation and using Feng Shui to call in love and today I’m going to talk a little bit more about that. But to be honest, this is exactly what I’ve done to call in my life partner, my husband, who I am just so grateful for every single day.



The first thing I would say to you is there’s a lot about setting up your environment and your bedroom for alignment with calling in what it is that you want, and I have done a totally separate video all about that so you can check out that video that’s going to guide you step by step of exactly what you can do to create your bedroom that is really supportive of calling in love and the type of love that you desire into your life, so that’s the first thing. 

The second thing is and in my journey to calling in love, I did several different things. So I set up my bedroom for love, and the next thing I did was I realized that my house was all set up ready for love. But I realized that I could just sit at home and he wasn’t going to come knocking on the door. “Hello, hello are you there Patricia?” it wasn’t going to happen so I have to take action. One of my favorite things is and the quote is “action is not in attraction for no reason”, you have to take action. So by just setting up your environment alone, it is going to make a huge difference because it’s really created as a space. But the next thing you have to do is start to look at your actual life and take action. 

So what happened to me was I realized that I was very busy. My life was jam packed, I used to teach yoga classes in the evenings, I had sessions with my clients during the days, I was part of a band, and when I sat back and went “when can I possibly go on a date with my new dream person?” It was Tuesday afternoon, which was literally the time that I was free and available to go on a date with someone, so I had to really look back and think about how I can make space in my life?. We’ve talked about making space in our wardrobe, space in our closet, space in our drawers all of that’s important, but we also need to have space in our life. So I have a look and look at my schedule. I was like something’s gotta go and I quit the band. I was a bit sad, it was called the Rainbow Kids was an amazing band but I quit the Rainbow Kids, and I had Wednesday evenings free. That meant that it gave me some spaciousness and a very clear sign to the universe saying “I’m ready, I have space now”

Now the big joke goes with me and Ken is that we actually never went on a date on Wednesday, it was always Thursday. Anyways, the first thing is making space and literally I feel like everything kind of opened when I cleared the calendar a little bit for this person in my life, and on Wednesdays, I didn’t just kind of go with other things. I decided I would do things that were associated with what I would do if I was with my partner. So I went to the cinema on my own, I went out to dinner, I did things that I thought I would be doing with my partner. That’s another thing of anchoring that into your life. 

The next thing I did was I got really clear with the kinds of guys that I wanted to call in and I mean crystal clear. It was not “oh I just want an honest guy” or “oh, I just want someone that’s going to be kind”. I’m sure I dated lots of kind people and lots of honest people, but actually I wanted more than just one trait. I wanted someone who was going to be with the same values as me. Also I wanted someone tall, so I cleared out tall, I had written dark and handsome. This clarity came in just kind of like you know, looking back at past relationships and thinking like what were the best things of that relationship? What were the best parts of this? What did I not want in that, that I do want in this? and I got really clear on this list. I know you might think this sounds a bit cheesy but honestly, clarity is so important and we’re going to be sending out our energy and intentions all the time. I just know that when I write things down, it comes a lot quicker and more powerfully for me. 

One of the things I’ve written on my list was that loves to dance or would like to learn how to dance. So several, maybe like two or three months into dating Ken we were at a wedding. A friend of mine got married and we’re at a wedding and Ken kind of ticked a lot of the things on this list. One had been tall, dark, and handsome check. You know, fun, spiritual, all the things that I had were important for me and I hadn’t even looked at that list. So we were out dancing, and we came back and sat at the table and Ken said this is one line that literally made my jaw dropped he was like “I love dancing, but I would love to learn how to dance properly” and I was like, “oh my god, this is it”. But I was also excited because it was like the universe was really saying, you know, attention, attention this is the person for you and really I kind of known at this stage but that was such a clear affirmation of it being the right person. 

So the next thing that I did was I actually wrote a letter to my soulmate. Now this is a whole other long amazing video that I would need to talk about, but the synchronistic things that unfolded with that whole letter, but I would certainly recommend writing a letter to your soulmate and saying “Dear soulmate, I’m so excited to meet you. I know that you’re waiting for me and that we’re just going to meet in the perfect timing and this is our life is going to feel so joyous happy, uplifting, similar values”, like whatever it is, and I want you to write it from your heart and really just pour it all into this letter. I had recommended sometimes to people to put it in their handbag to carry with them but I remember meeting a lady who said she did exactly that when she put it underneath her mattress so she dreamed him in, so I would certainly recommend writing that letter doing what feels good for you. Maybe you can carry it with you in your handbag or maybe you just pop it under your mattress, let it go and allow the universe to support you once you Feng Shui that space. 

The final thing that I did when it came to calling in love was I released my blocks and my resistance to love. I certainly recommend you start to dive in and clear any of the resistance you have to allowing love, to receiving support, to any resistance to past relationships and maybe do a cord cutting and releasing all of those old stories because you want a nice blank slate to call in that guy. 

As I said:

  1. Go check out the video of setting up your bedroom for love, which I’ve done about Feng Shui’ing it. 
  2. Get yourself some space in your life. 
  3. Get really clear with this person that you’re calling in. 
  4. Write that amazing letter to your soulmate and pop it under your mattress.

If you want to learn more, I have an incredible guide that is going to get you started with calling in that love of your life. Where do you go? go to and you will get my exact things that I did to call in love and how to set yourself up for success to call in more love into your life. 

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