As I’ve been unfurling into more BEING and less doing … there,

I’ve taken on a new habit in the mornings..

Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep so not your typical yoga)

Which might seem counterintuitive but I absolutely love it

It has really helped with the letting go, relaxing & dropping deeper into being!!

This started when I was on an advanced yoga training in Thailand earlier this year

I arrived at yoga class to be told to lie down.. and relax ??????

My doing brain was not happy!!!

We were going to do a yoga nidra..

Not a physical yoga class but deep relaxation

So I did it

omg it felt sooo good – one hour is the equivalent of four hours sleep – it’s so profoundly relaxing, healing & therapeutic!

Then I remembered about 12 years ago,

My Dad came to India with me to go to an Ayurveda Clinic for his health. Here is my sisters, Dad & I at the Taj Mahal post his Ayurveda stint –

when we would meet with the doctor

I’d persistently ask when dad was going to be doing Yoga classes..(I was very serious about my yoga practice at the time)

Eventually in a very distressed voice the doctor shouted at me…

Your Father Fit & Healthy Body –
He no need Yoga Asana (postures)


Omg he was sooo right my Dad needed to clear his mind,
relax his body & chill out,
he needed to let go,
unwind & release..
wayyyy more than he needed to stretch and try dynamic yoga postures..

So if you’ve been looking for a way to unfurl, relax, let go & try yoga nidra..

It’s the best gift you can give your mind & body!

There are tonnes on you-tube

I usually use my own one

I recorded in professional studio with my Tibetan bowls a couple of years ago

you can get it here..

With the Tibetan bowls in the background it induces an even deeper state of relaxation & healing that’s soo yummy..

Happy yoga sleeping..





P.S. I don’t recommend yoga nidra when driving or on the road!!! Give yourself a gift to you & watch your body relax click here to hear the sample


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