Miriam Castilla - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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Before the PowerHouse Feng Shui, I was doing OK. I had a loving husband and kids, but there were certain issues with the kids which I brushed off as them just being teenagers. Still, I was yearning for healthier and more balanced family relations.

I turned to Patricia for help and I implemented every single thing she told me to do.

The shifts that started happening were really epic. I could feel the energy in the home shifting. My husband had the biggest year we’ve had in probably 2 or 3 years all on his own. Everything just flowed. My own business had the biggest month and it’s been a really amazing experience. Plus, my turnover doubled the next month and even tripled from where I was before the Feng Shui. It’s like somebody plucked the pebble out of a pipe that was blocking the flow. And now it’s just gushing. I think every facet of our lives has changed.