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Feng Shui for Wealth – Money Tips you Can Do Today

We are all meant for wealth and abundance, but blessings could come and go if you’re currently designed to welcome it in and immediately send it all out.

This is why it’s important to have our physical environment fully support us in receiving those blessings in life.

How can you use the practice of Feng Shui in becoming a magnet to money, prosperity, and abundance? How can you live with all the other good things there is to experience in life?

Let’s make sure your money isn’t dripping away! Join Patricia as she shares money tips you can do today. Your wealth can expand by following these steps. Dive in and learn from the expert herself!

In this episode, Patricia shares money tips you can do today in order to call in more money, more abundance, and more prosperity in your life using Feng Shui.

 Highlights of the episode…

  • How to make yourself and your home magnetic to money and all the good things there is in life;
  • Discover the five elements you must always take note of when feng shuing your house; and
  • Understand how the elements work in creating abundance in your home, especially the connection money has with the element of water


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