“I think you should leave.”

Yes, these are the exact words my mom utter to me, one fateful day, when she essentially fired me. I had been working for my parents and running the family business for almost eight years at that stage and I definitely wasn’t in the right place. But I really didn’t have anywhere else to go.

And out of my mouth, something popped very unexpectedly that me or my family or friends did not expect. “I’m going to go to India to become a yoga teacher.” Just putting this into perspective, I had only really ever gone to one yoga class a week, for probably about a year or so. I’ve been on one week long yoga retreat. I was no yogi, ninja, or anything. But essentially, my entire life dropped away. And I stepped into the complete unknown.

Now, I realize that it was the biggest gift that I could have ever been given by my mom, to recognize how miserable, how sad, how stuck, and how misaligned I was with what my life really was here to fulfill and to dream. And that’s really what this podcast is about. It’s about living your dreams awake. My mom uttered those words to me nearly 12 years ago and everything since then has completely changed every single part of my life, my relationships, my finances, my career has changed and pivoted several times to be sitting here in Bali, in Ubud, looking out at this beautiful jungle scene and realizing that I am right now living my dreams awake.

And this quote feels so powerful for me. I heard it first from Wayne Dyer. And it is a quote by Henry Thoreau. And our truest life is to be awake in our dreams. And I really, really, really, really want this podcast to embody and to inspire you to step into living your dreams awake and not have them up on a vision board or something that’s totally untouchable. It is your purpose to really fulfill and have an amazing, amazing life.

So with that my story is pretty long and can go on for a while. But actually, let’s just leave that for the fun parts. I really, really cannot wait to get to know you, to share my story but also to share with you some of the most incredible people that I have met on this journey. It’s been a journey of deep soul healing. It’s been a journey that has been painful at times. That has been so therapeutic, enlightening, enriching, inspirational. And I really want to take you on the journey with me, to meet some of the people that have been absolutely huge influences on my life personally, my mentors, my friends, and people that inspire me to keep living my dreams awake every single day and will inspire you to do the same.

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