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Myths About Feng Shui

Myths of Feng Shui. There is a lot of stuff out there about Feng Shui, a lot of it is absolutely untrue or has been completely taken out of context. I am going to share with you some of the myths about Feng Shui and debunk some of them as well for you.


It’s NOT About Moving Furniture

Maybe people and what I’ve heard is people often think that Feng Shui is about moving furniture. Actually there’s only two rooms as a Feng Shui expert I’m really concerned about, the location of your furniture or even just where you spend time which is your bedroom and your office. Other than that, in most rooms and most houses, the kitchen table is only kind of going to go in one place it’s designed to be. The couch in the living room typically only goes in the place that it fits and makes sense.

If you have maybe 20 or 40,000 square foot where there’s lots of space you probably have some more options, but most homes that I’ve worked with. Thousands of homes I’ve looked at over the years the location of the furniture is pretty limited and most of the time it works for the layout of the house. For me, Myth number one debunked, the location of the furniture, moving furniture is typically not what I do as a Feng shui consultant and when I’m doing Feng Shui. As I said the two areas that I do consider important to take into consideration are your bedroom and your office

(if you’re interested in learning how to set up your bedroom or your office you can check them out here, watch my videos : Feng Shui Your Bedroom – A Realistic Approach  and Feng Shui your Office – What NOT To Do )

Hanging Trinkets or Lucky Charm

The next myth about Feng Shui is about hanging little trinkets or the lucky charms. For me, I don’t really have any little lucky trinkets or charms around my home. It’s not the type of Feng Shui that I practice and if you have a golden frog with coins coming out of its mouth, and you love it, amazing! Does it make you feel abundant? Does it make you feel good? Does it bring joy to your heart when you see it? If it does, keep it, maybe put it in your prosperity area or put it in a place that feels good for you but I personally don’t have one, doesn’t resonate with me. I don’t think that my house without it is being impacted because Feng Shui is actually acupuncture for your home. It’s a practice of balancing the energetics of your home, it is so much more than just the aesthetic that what we see, it is invisible energy. 

Whatever lucky trinkets, if there’s something that you’ve got in a certain country that you love, or you’ve heard is auspicious, amazing. We do have a beautiful sign that says “Blessings” at our front door. I also have a little gift that I got from a Japanese friend of ours for welcoming, for coming in your front door and I love those but they’re not essentially Feng Shui things. 

Bagua Mirror

The next one is the bagua mirrors, so you may have come across them in the past. Bagua mirrors that are octagonal shaped with a small mirror in the center. People say that they reflect away evil. I don’t use them but if you feel called to use one and it feels, it resonates with you that is so good. I have no connection and resonance with them as I said, it’s a different type of Feng Shui. 

Some of the practices that you’re hearing of like that is something that we’ve heard about Feng Shui, but it isn’t, is often because there are some different schools of Feng Shui. The school of Feng Shui that I practice is the Classical Flying Stars school. In my Feng Shui mini course I dive deeper into the explanation of the difference between both schools and how they work. 

(if you want to learn more about my Feng Shui mini course, you can definitely check that out here: Feng Shui mini course

Location Of Different Things

The fourth myth that I wanted to cover is just the location of different things. So when we work with Feng Shui, there are best practices. If I’m working with a client designing a new house from scratch, there are some things that I will keep in mind when I’m looking at the designs. For example: 

  • The location of the stairs
  • The location of the bathroom
  • The location of the bedroom and how it’s set up.
  • The location of the master bathroom 

I will look at that and take it into consideration because it does matter when you have the opportunity to work with a pencil and a piece of paper and you can rub it out, move it, switch around and do the best that you can with paper and pencil. Those best practices are often very difficult to mirror back into a house that’s already been constructed. For example, you may have heard that when you open your front door and you see your stairs it’s not good Feng Shui. It’s not an ideal Feng Shui, but I’m never going to tell someone to rip their stairs out and put new stairs in. It is impractical and completely wasteful and there are so many different layers to Feng Shui, that might be great, but actually your house could be good for people, it could be good for money, it could have amazing shape. 

There’s so many other aspects of Feng Shui that actually matter, that one will not be the deciding factor on your Feng Shui look. Just be really mindful of things that you might have heard about Feng Shui that are definitely considered when I’m starting from scratch with a client with a piece of paper. But when we look at a house that’s already built we go okay, that’s fine, let’s focus on everything else. It’s really important to just leave that aside and do all the other Feng Shui. 

Toilet Opposite On The Front Door

The other thing that I’ve heard and the people may have heard is around the toilet being opposite the front door. We live in Greece part of the year and in our place there when you open the front door it goes through the hallway and it faces the toilet. It just is, we can’t change where the bathroom is, it’s where we live, and it’s not ideal, but it just is. What I’d say to that is just we worked with Feng Shui, we always Feng Shui our places so it’s already Feng Shui’d and we keep the bathroom door closed. You just have to work with what you’ve got that’s really important. 

You Don’t Have To Move House

The next thing that people think is that like hiring or bringing a Feng Shui consultant into their life, they’re gonna say move out, your house is doomed. Honestly, in all of my years of working on this journey and working with Feng Shui I have never told anyone to move house. Now, if I’m working with a client to look for a new house for them, and they have picked different houses and selected houses, they send to me, I’ll say that one I think we can do better. We can look from the very beginning but when we find your actual house we just work with what you’ve got. We can rebalance and harmonize every home and every house type no matter what’s going on and that’s something I really dive deeply into in my Feng Shui mini course

Cost of Feng Shui

The other thing that people often wonder about is the cost of Feng Shui. Is it gonna cost a fortune? Do I have to redecorate everything and throw everything out? That is not the case at all. The school of Feng Shui which I practice is Classical Flying Stars and it’s like acupuncture for your home. Once people hire me or join my program PowerHouse that’s really the main investment to have the analysis and the professional advice. After that, the implementation can really be done so easily and cheaply. Sometimes if I’m going to do some more temporarily for myself for like a few months, I will probably spend 50 or 60 Euros, getting it all done. Because I will just find the easy, cheap, quick thing to just do so it can vary from house to house. It depends on your house and the requirements but one of the things I am really big on is just how can we do it the easiest, cheapest, quickest way to rebalance your home because that is the priority. A nice, balanced, harmonious home and that’s what Feng Shui is all about. It’s about creating a home that supports you, your family and everybody to grow and flourish. It is not about creating more havoc, creating more drama, or giving you more hard work to do. It’s not the idea, it’s about more ease, more joy, more flow

If you’ve enjoyed this myth busting of Feng Shui I hope that some of the worries or concerns about Feng Shui and implementing Feng Shui have been alleviated. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about the deeper aspects of Feng Shui, check out my free Feng Shui mini course that is a deep dive into Feng Shui where you’ll learn so much more about best practices, do’s and don’ts and you’re also gonna see some of the things that are not good Feng Shui in my own house, because no house is perfect and that’s a really important thing to realize that we just have to work with what we’ve got, make the best of it and create the most harmonious home that we can. Many amazing women came into my world and embraced Feng Shui and saw fabulous transformation and that’s what this is all about. Why would you bother doing Feng Shui? Well, it’s about transforming the energy so that you can live in harmony, flow, balance and abundance. 

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