Do you know that you can get paid to be your unique self? Indeed you can!  You can monetize whatever it is that you love doing, e.g. blogging, creating online courses, creating an app, showing your cooking skills, etc. In fact you don’t need a lot of investment to leverage your skills, knowledge and experience to make an impact in your life and to the world.   

If you find that the corporate world is not your cup of tea, then be an entrepreneur. Such was the journey of our lovely guest, Natalie Sisson, who is a podcaster, as well. She is known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, having literally  lived out of her suitcase for a good 6.5 years travelling to 70 countries, doing her blogs. Natalie is CEO, investor, a triathlete and a best-selling author. 

In this episode of Living Your Dreams Awake, you will be inspired by her amazing journey at being the pilot of her life.     

Enjoy listening!

REMEMBER – “Don’t spend your days being miserable and not be happy because there’s so much that you can be doing.”

This week’s Feng Shui tip is to fix your door handle. Do you have door handles that are lanky or loose in your home or in your kitchen cupboards? Because if you do, it is a representation of a loose grip on your life, finances and on your energy. It is important to fix your door handles so you can get a grip in your life, on your energy and on your finances.


  • How The Suitcase Entrepreneur came to be and became Natalie’s business?
  • How to create a life on purpose intentionally and turn your dreams into reality one day at a time
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyways. 
  • A discussion on reframing of resources e.g. your homes as AIRBNB.
  • An interesting shift in perspective with the new normal.
  • An introduction of Natalie’s 3rd book, “Suck it Up Princess” (…not published yet, though)


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