​The eagle has landed after a whirlwind stop in the US.

I have finally landed in Slovenia – Ljubljana.

I know it might seem soo crazy – I’ve had so many messages from people asking why are you leaving Bali??

For the past three years in Bali we have tolerated the rainy season – whilst really wanting to ski.

This is certainly a new look for me #wrappedup.

I started this business so we could work ‘anywhere’ yet we were not really embracing that philosophy at all!

It’s so interesting how we got ‘stuck’ in our Bali bubble – well no more.

The city is blowing my mind.. It’s so beautiful, ancient and cold lol and super close to the Ski in Dec, Jan & Feb… I’ve been doing some insta stories you can check them out here 🙂

A new home (yes figuring out the feng shui)!

I’m excited to do this for this space – one of the first things we do when we move into a space.

Today’s tip is something I have just reminded myself to do… to keep the prosperity IN!!

Have an amazing day and happy feng shui’ing!!


Patricia xxx

P.S. If you love this tip and you haven’t heard already … my book is now available on pre-order YAY!! You will also get access to tonnes of amazing bonuses when you pre-order it!

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