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Optimize Your Creative Space with Feng Shui

Optimizing your creative space using Feng Shui. If you are a creator, you want a place to be able to express yourself. I’m going to cover some of the do’s and don’ts of optimizing your creative space.

We’re going to look at where your creative area is in your home, but also some action steps that you can take very easily to make sure that space is supporting you and being your most creative self.


Prioritizing Your Creative Space

The very first thing that we want to look at is prioritizing your creative space. What I’ve seen from clients is that they have a creative space, but it actually becomes completely overwhelmed with stuff. Because it could be like this little place that you just accumulate cool things to use for your creative expression that never get used. So the very first job is to decide that you’re going to make space in your creative space. 

Make Space

Making space in that area is all about having that freedom to express yourself. If your creative space is like clogged up and full of clutter literally it will be a mirror of you and you will not be able to give yourself back clarity and expansion. It just comes to mind, I had a call with a interior designer years ago and her creative space was really full. She had all of these catalogs and books and was so disorganized and not at all supportive of her and that what she felt, she felt completely overwhelmed. 

The first thing I would say is clear out anything that’s not working. If it’s paints that are gone or things you haven’t used in a long time, let it go make space and then get your organization hat on. I know this might seem like really annoying for a creative person like to organize, but even just get some containers, to box things off and get things kind of in a place and give them a home. You’re going to start giving, it’ll relax your body and your system for this creative space. 

I like to really give you the permission to treat your creative space like it is you would an office, if someone’s going to come into this creative space, how would you want them to feel? Do you want them to feel expansive and be ready to create or a bit overwhelmed? That’s important, if someone came in, they’re going to be like, “Oh, this is great. It’s bright, it’s open. It’s organized so I have space to create”. If it’s full of clutter, it’s not going to be that spacious to create. 

Have Steady Equipment

The next thing I would say regarding your creative space is to have steady equipment and what I mean by the equipment is if you’re working on a table, have it solid and steady. If it’s rocky it’s going to basically represent being unsteady, ungrounded, and things not feeling sturdy and safe. The same goes for your furniture like your chair or wherever you sit on or you work from, the bench has this kind of steady and solid energy is also recommended. 

Does The Artwork Inspire You?

The next thing which is my fun thing is like does the artwork inspire you?. Does what you have in the walls, does the space actually inspire you to come in? and you’re like “I’m ready to create”. If the place has artwork like that of winter scenes that are really dark and closed off. That’s not going to be the most inspiring art for you. 

We want your creative space to feel quite yang and quite energetic. What do we mean by that? It needs to be bright, so even like changing the light bulbs to like brighten it up. They’d be taking dark curtains down and just putting blinds you can open up the windows and have that fresh light into the space would be a great idea, and of course I like to finish with is do a space clearing. Literally do a space clearing as you clear out and let go of the old, you set intentions to welcome in the new.

The creative area of your home is the west area. Your creative space does not need to be in the west area, you don’t need to sit in the west area, you don’t need to create there. But maybe you just write an intention for how you want to express yourself and your creativity and pop it into that area. Just leave it there and do a declutter of the west area of your home. 

I hope that you enjoyed this and I hope that this will egg you on to take action with making your creative space the most creative possible for you. In the meantime, if you want to learn about setting up any areas of your house, each room, I’m so delighted to invite you to join me in my free Feng Shui course. This course is a really great foundation for beginners to get you started, understanding what it is, how it works and how it can support you in your creative expression and calling in more financial abundance and more joy and ease and flow into your life. Check out my free Feng Shui course, it’s a behind the scenes of my own house.

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