Have you ever felt that your departed loved ones are still there to support you and guide you, that there is some kind of connection with them? Or are there some things that are speaking to you, leading you into what you should do? It’s all part of the team of ancestors, spiritual guides and the Divine that is there to support you. 

In this episode of Live Your Dreams Awake we are going to talk about how to  make things easier for you and create a space for magic to come in.  Today, I will be speaking to Patty Lennon, a well-known keynote speaker and best selling author.  Patty is a former Type A corporate banker who opened to her intuitive gifts at 35. We also talked about how to allow abundance, love, support and intuitive guidance into your life 

Open your minds, listen and enjoy!

REMEMBER – “Release the resistance and start to be kinder and gentler to yourself”

This week’s Feng Shui tip is about cacti. Avoid having cacti in your home because they are spiky and being so, it repels positive energy. Avoid bringing them into your home.


  • How Patty became aware of her calling, she shifted from being a Type A Corporate Banker to someone who would focus on making an impact on people through guidance and mentoring?
  • Her explanation of God now, in spite of growing up being a Catholic. 
  • A side sharing about children with AD/HD and how do they navigate into their spirituality
  • The Big  Shift happening into the world: It is scary, uncomfortable, it’s chaotic. (It’s all part of the cycle, the season of Samhain.)
  • How would people tap into those intuitive gifts and not resist it
  • Patty’s insights in her journey with feng shui.
  • What is the Receiving Method about  
  • How to start to be kinder and gentler to yourself
  • Find out how to shift your mind into “receiving mode” and stop blocking what’s waiting at your doorstep
  • What are the exercises that can help you move away from the fear


A beautiful kids book- Elephant Prince: The Story of Ganesh by Amy Novesky

Join the training to the Receiving Method

Free meditation guide to step into success






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