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Podcast: Finding Alignment in Business and Life with Joanna Turner

Are you feeling burnt out, tired and wish there are more easy ways to handle life, your business and everything around you? Have you ever felt or questioned why you are not moving forward to success? The answers could just be lying around from your past life, because whether we believe it or not, a lot of our issues in this lifetime stemmed from somewhere deeper.

In this episode, our guest is Joanna Turner whom I’ve met, two years ago in an event here in Bali. She is a Business & Success Coach and an Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner. She is also the host to “Spiritual Funny Business”, a podcast dedicated to creating big breakthroughs for high-performing female entrepreneurs. Very much in  this episode, Joanna will share with us her journey from corporate life and her quest for something more, that led her to the esoteric world of spirituality.

So, get ready to listen through your heart!

REMEMBER – “A lot of our issues in this lifetime stemmed from somewhere deeper.”

This week’s tip is all about sitting in your power position. So make sure that you choose a chair that’s solid and has a firm back. Secondly, make sure that you have a strong wall behind you to support you. And thirdly, ensure that you can see the door that you are not directly facing it. So you don’t have that full onslaught of energy coming at you.


  • Joanna’s background before going spiritual.
  • The search for something more that led Joanna travelling to ancient sacred cities and her realizations.
  • What is Akashic Records? (…Is it some kind of a repository or something?)
  • Integrating techniques in reading the information from the records and healing process.
  • Our past life creates a pattern in this lifetime.
  • What has spirituality something to do  with our business and why it is important?
  • Update of Joanna on the Feng Shui work Patricia did to her corner and a look at the similarity of Joanna’s work and Patricia’s Feng Shui practice.


Audible book Joanna Turner is listening to:
Letting Go: the Pathway to Surrender by David R. Hawkins