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Podcast: How a Magical Cup of Tea Changed Our Lives Forever with Kate Gaskell

In this episode of Live Your Dreams Awake, I am super excited to bring to you as our guest, a long time friend of mine. Our paths crossed during yoga training in India and have become great friends since then. She is Kate Gaskell, an intuitive breath therapist, but before that, she was working as a corporate lawyer in a firm in London. She knew that she was not in the right place so she followed the little nudges that came her way. Combining her experience in breathwork, clinical hypnotherapy, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, she developed this therapeutic technique, called Intuitive Breathwork. Listen to this episode and become incredibly powerful by becoming aware of your breathing.

Enjoy listening!

REMEMBER – “Breathe consciously. Let go. Live fully.”

This week’s Feng Shui tip is to place a shiny metal surface like a mirror, behind your stove. Placing one of these things actually doubles the prosperity in your home, because your stove represents prosperity. It will also give you the opportunity to see what’s going on behind you so that you are in a strong powerful position when you are cooking.


  • Kate’s spiritual awakening over a cup of tea. (…That beautiful ceremony that made her leave her job as a corporate lawyer.)
  • Patricia’s own experience of the tea ceremony and her state of convulting laughter
  • Kate’s full circle journey from yoga to breathwork
  • Following her intuition and how Intuitive Breathwork came to be
  • Simple breathwork exercises that you can do from your quiet spot


Kate creates a playlist during therapeutic breathwork sessions and some of the songs are from Emeli Sande

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