Podcast: How to Call In Your Big Vision For Your Life with Melanie Moore - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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Podcast: How to Call In Your Big Vision For Your Life with Melanie Moore

All of us have big dreams but most of us are not really clear on what we want. We all reach crossroads in our lives and you just need to either take that leap or stay where you are. Imagine if you have complete clarity around your vision and manifesting what your heart truly desires, what you want will become a possibility. The universe listens.

Melanie Moore, who is a big vision coach is my guest for this episode of Live Your Dreams Awake and she will share with us how to call in your big vision into your life and the right way to create your own vision board.

Enjoy listening!

REMEMBER – “Be clear first on what you want your vision to be.”

This week’s tip is super easy, and it’s about really calling in all your dreams to your life. We can think about and imagine and dream about what we want. First, putting it down on paper will make a huge difference, writing it in the present tense. I am grateful for my loving relationship. I am grateful for the exotic travels and places that I’ve been to, be as specific as you possibly can and writing down placing those affirmations or those intentions that you want to call in in an envelope and putting them underneath your bed mattress, you will be able to dream into your reality.


  • Melanie Moore’s background and what she does now.
  • How did Melanie start to support people with their bigger vision?
  • How is the process of visioning? (…And what are the four pillars of Big Vision?)
  • What’s the funniest thing Melanie has done on one of her vision boards?
  • How to do Tapping? (…Why is it called the sandwich process?)
  • Some tapping exercises with Patricia – One manifestation you can do while doing the tapping:


Sign up for the Global Vision Board Day happening in June 2021

Book that Melanie recommends:

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino 
Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey




“I think a lot of us settle for what we feel we’re given in life.” – Melanie Moore

“Our mess is our own message.”- Patricia

“Sometimes even when we do connect with the truth of what we really want, fear still kicks in and we’re afraid to take action.”- Melanie Moore

“Acknowledge the part that we’re not clear what we want, release the belief and do some tapping to connect with our heart and allow ourselves to get to the truth of what we want.”- Melanie Moore

“A vision shared is so powerful, like an intention shared is so powerful.” – Patricia