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My clients have had ALL kinds of astonishing wins with my signature PowerHouse Feng Shui program.

Tarzan K.

- Tarzan K.

“With the help of Feng Shui my business has had its first $1,000,000 year!”
Christine Owen

- Christine Owen

“My main income more than doubled for sure...it just keeps growing and growing, it’s amazing.”
Anne-Marie Kingston

- Anne-Marie Kingston

“I won the Award for Business Innovation at the West Cork Businesswoman of the Year Awards!”
Miriam Castilla

- Miriam Castilla

“It's like somebody plucked the pebble out of a pipe that was blocking the flow.”
Tonya Harris

- Tonya Harris

“I Went From Not Even Being On TV To 13 Or 14 Times!”
Suzanne B.

- Suzanne B.

“Transformation Through Feng Shui: How Patricia Changed My Life From Dust & Rubbish To Blissful Happiness.”
Gael Wood

- Gael Wood

“I noticed an immediate difference in my family getting along, and money coming in...we also manifested our dream home which we are now Feng Shuiing.”
Dawn Del Vecchio

- Dawn Del Vecchio

“If Patricia’s on your path right now, please don't ignore this.”
Courts Lippett

- Courts Lippett

“I’d recommend Patricia in a heartbeat. To women, business owners, moms... People who just feel stuck in their life.”
Annita Kean

- Annita Kean

“This is a course that you're going to use and refer to over and over again.”
Bri Seeley

- Bri Seeley

“I know Patricia personally and I’m grateful to have called her into my life to support me. She's a loving, supportive, nurturing, knowledgeable expert.”
Alexis F.

- Alexis F.

“So many things Patricia enlightened me on which worked for me that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own.”
Katie B.

- Katie B.

“We've managed to pay down much of our mortgage. We got an investment property. We are literally building an Airbnb.”

- Stephanie

“I met my husband...have an abundance of money coming in was able to get rid of my debt.”
Susie Cabral

- Susie Cabral

“My high school sweetheart messaged me on Facebook...literally the next day, he contacted me and we have been together since.”
Kate Gaskell

- Kate Gaskell

“The course cured ailments in the family, resulted in significant financial windfalls...and helped me focus on the sort of life I want to lead.”
Suzanne R.

- Suzanne R.

“... 6 months after I manifested 26 grands in a weekend. This is the vision I‘ve written down, what I wanted. And I got it almost to the penny.”
Elyse & Dave

- Elyse & Dave

“Elyse and Dave are a stellar example of the magic that happens when a couple teams up on the Feng Shui journey.”
Jennifer S.

- Jennifer S.

“Now the energy of the money is much different. Though there’s A LOT of it coming in, the flow is different.”
Anne C.

- Anne C.

“I say follow the actions in your report and hold on, it definitely works.”
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