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“Two weeks after implementing all of the Feng Shui corrections that Patricia recommended we randomly found out that we qualified for a new roof because of a hail storm that happened in our area almost a year prior… and we were less than 30 days from missing the deadline!

The best part is that we were planning on replacing our roof in 5 years, and dreading the $29,000 USD expense, but ended up getting the new roof paid for by insurance.

We had numerous other positive things happen including a complete shift in my mother-in-laws energy (she lives with us). The morning after I implemented the final feng shui correction, she woke up in a GREAT mood and has been back to her “old positive self” ever since (she had been in a funk for a long period of time and nothing we tried worked until we feng shui’d the house).”

– Heidi DeCoux, USA

“I knew nothing about Feng shui a little over 10 months ago, until I was introduced to the beautiful Patricia Lohan. I would have struggled big time with new ideal paying clients as I was only new to the business world after 11 years in the financial sector.

Overall as a couple we would have had alot of health issues, money issues, family relationship and shouting matches with each other and our kids, the energy in the home over all was very stressful.

My life, business, finances and family dynamic have completely transformed for the better since implementing Patricia’s recommendations.

Today I have a waiting list of over 3 months and I’m only in business over 12 months.

My relationship with my husband and kids has blossomed into a happy energy and are getting on great with the odd small quarrel lol.

Job opportunities came up both for my husband and I with extra income in to the household.

If you are struggling with money issues, health problems, relationships or would love to meet your dream partner, no clients or the lack of them, or you have a crazy idea of wanting to do something, or want to travel.. Hire Patricia & implement the Feng Shui.
#FengShuiRocks #NewLove”

– Anne Marie Kingston, Cork, Ireland

“Before I started with the Feng Shui our home was very stressful and cluttered, there was constantly kids bickering, and our housekeeper had been stealing from us. Since embracing Feng Shui and Patricia’s advice, I feel like we are in partnership with our home now, our home is calm and relaxed with a more peaceful family. The kids bickering went from 100% to 10% (normal), there has been a huge increase our career’s, so much less clutter, less items that we don’t love, and my rock star vision board that is already coming true! I would highly recommend Feng Shui to anyone and everyone. Patricia your unbounding energy for Feng Shui and your knowledge was why I picked you.  I am grateful for the email support when I was putting in my remedies, and I love that you are a question answer-er.”

– Julie Abel, Washington DC, USA

“I joined Feng Shui Mastery because I could feel since moving into the apartment that things felt quite tense and not going as well as we wanted. I was committed when Patricia talked about doing so much inner work but your home needs to catch up otherwise it’s like a tug of war. Once we started putting the remedies in place, our home felt much more aligned and started to feel much better. I love that areas of the home are aligned to prosperity, travel, health and career and knowing about the remedies has improved how we feel in relation to these areas. More abundance has definitely flowed into our lives, our health is improving and I feel much more supported. I would definitely recommend Feng Shui Mastery as Patricia and Ken deliver the course in a way that allows you to implement the remedies and not get overwhelmed. You get your own personalised report and because others are doing it with you, you feel that you are part of a collective which gives you motivation and enthusiasm to get your remedies in place.”

– Kerri O’Loane

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Courts Lippett

Manifested her dream home and has become a prolific artist. Before Feng Shui Courts didn’t feel she was living her life to it’s full potential as a mum, business owner and in her self-care. Now she has so much clarity about life and everything around her achieving buying her new dream home and dramatically increasing her business revenue.

Miriam Castella

Doubled her business the first month and trebled it the second month! Miriam realised it’s really important to have your environment alignment with what you want. Since implementing Feng Shui the shifts have been “epic” tripling her monthly income, her husband’s business has been the best in three years and family relation’s are much easier and flowing.

Bri Seeley

She signed $36K in contracts signed an audio book deal and finances are flowing in since doing Feng Shui. Bri needed to clear out the old energy, let go of the past and make way for the new energy to come in.

Rayna Campbell

Started getting calls for work instantly. Rayna has always been intrigued by Feng Shui and just found it complicated until she met Patricia. Now all areas for her life have improved and more job bookings and she wouldn’t be without Feng Shui it feels so good in her home.

Alexis Fedor

Business has taken of multiple 6 figure launches. Alexis wanted to feel more at home in her temporary accommodation and Feng Shui transformed how she looked at her living space. It created a safe haven for her to work in and feels she is more grounded and enjoys working from home achieving 6 figure launches!!!

Talmar Anderson

Talmars business was featured on National TV Show. Talmar’s life was not going the way she wanted it to go for her, her son and her husband. Now using Feng Shui her son won a $70k scholarship, her husband won a large construction contract and she is landing new clients , Working with Patricia things rapidly change for the better on implementing her recommendations.

“I’ve recently completed the Feng Shui Mastery course. I found the course to be very helpful, interesting and enjoyable. I had heard about Feng Shui but I didn’t know anything about it. Before I started the course I was struggling with finding a new direction at that point in my life. I was at a bit of a cross-roads. Since the course I have found new clients and I have also made the decision to expand my online life coaching business. Once I’ve put in the remedies I found the energy in my home changed, it felt a lot calmer. You get the feeling of being very well supported as you go through the course. I would and have recommended this course to others!”

– Patricia Woods

“The results were amazing and life transforming. My life has improved in all areas and continues to do so. I’ve read many books on Feng Shui however the personal experiences of actually having a professional Feng Shui Expert cast her eye on my home I could never have gotten from books, it was individual and unique to me. I was very impressed Patricia’s work, for me it was immensely therapeutical & healing & also life changing. … I haven’t been the same since.”

– Theresa Rayson

As an energy practitioner I’ve done lots of mindset and energy work on myself but when I connected with Patricia and found out about the Feng Shui Mastery course I was intrigued. Recently I moved home and wanted to make sure that everything around me was working right. Patricia is fantastic at what she does and she’s helped me no end at getting clear on what remedies I needed and why, where to put them, how to use them. Since I’ve implemented the remedies my business has improved, I’m about to launch a new brand & coaching offer. I know I’m completely clear and free from blocks, my home and my family are supported, my relationship with my partner is so much more settled. It’s been fantastic and I thoroughly recommend you do this course!

– Michelle Childs, BizMums

I discovered Feng Shui Mastery course about a year ago. As an interior designer I was interested in Feng Shui principles and used them in my home and with clients. But I never felt I had a good or deep understanding of it. Patricia’s course was amazing and transformative. Week by week as I worked through it the energy of my home shifted, clearing spaces, creating supportive environment. The vibe at home is now lighter, freer, happier. I even Feng Shui’d my purse! I feel so much better, more confident, organised, successful. Today when I look at the vision board that I created with Patricia almost everything from various areas of my life has come to be! I manifested 3 beach vacations, while romance has never been better. It’s been a transformational year and I owe it all to Patricia, her Feng Shui knowledge has changed my life!

– Sandy Valerman, Feathered Cottage

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Aoifa Gaffney

Aoife’s intention in joining the Feng Shui course was to get some clarity in her life. Feng Shui helped to sell her old house and buy a new one in record time and bring in a new partner, get married and her son is more relaxed and confident and big positive changes in her own personality

Lynn Sullivan

Feng Shui came at the right time for Lynn, life was messed up, work, health, relationships. Now everything has shifted in her work, health and relationships for her and her husband. She took the chance on the course and hasn’t look back with the support of Patricia and the group on the course.


Since joining the Feng Shui Course Andrea has more clarity in her life, kids are happier and more clients, money bonuses and gifts coming in. Making small changes has made big differences in her life, there is an ease about the house.


Vijaya wanted her home to be a supportive environment doing the Feng Shui course was the answer. She couldn’t have imagined the life she has now a year ago before starting the Feng Shui course.

Alanna Didier

Alanna was burnt out – income wasn’t flowing in, she felt lost and had no connection with anyone, there was just no happiness and this poured into her relationship & children. She said “as soon as I got my personal remedies in I felt a lift off my shoulders. I felt I could breathe better. I felt like I was moving through life better.”

Valerie Ni Fhearchair

It’s the best money I’ve ever, ever spent in my life and if it was three or four times that amount, I wouldn’t have cared. I would have found it. I keep losing weight and I’m almost at my 7 stone loss mark

I decided to try the Feng Shui Mastery Course because my life was feeling constantly “hard” with family conflicts, money struggles and I just wanted everything flowing better and easier. I dove straight in and decluttered and applied ALL of Patricia’s remedies. I noticed an immediate difference in my family getting along, and money coming in, we have even sold that home and manifested our dream home which we are now Feng Shuiing. I would highly recommend this course, especially if you have dabbled in Feng Shui without getting results, this is “real” Feng Shui and Patricia is so very sweet and helpful every step of the way. 

Laura Murphy – Love Your Life

I first participated in Patricias Feng Shui course in July 2016, and have seen significant changes in my life since then. As I began the course I had just moved into my apartment, and was in the process of starting my new business. I felt the approach that Patricia takes to feng shui would really support this, as it was personalised to both me and my home. I loved how the course was broken into bite sized weekly pieces, which meant it was easy to implement the remedies without becoming overwhelmed. The online group and weekly calls were both fun and supportive Eleven months on my business has gone through a declutter, changed direction and is now flourishing. I feel more aligned, focussed and supported and know this energy I feel is also flowing into my business. Anyone who comes to my home, always comments on the lovely energy, and I know doing this course has really supported me in understanding and creating such a beautifully supportive home, which has also directly impacted my business.lways comments on the lovely energy, and I know doing this course has really supported me in understanding and creating such a beautifully supportive home, which has also directly impacted my business.

Naomi Glendining – Angel Heaven

I hoped to create better balance, expand my business- which I have, trust that the house we are in would serve us until the perfect house and workspace arrives, currently it is.

The main result was expansion of business and increase of finances, even Trevor has had new opportunities and our oldest son is currently planning on opening his own business since I started the course. I loved seeing the differences beginning to happen the affirmations and beginning to understand how it works. It has been great meeting lovely new people, attracting an assistant, telling people who asked about it. I would definitely recommend this programme who wants financial expansion in their life.

We started with a Feng Shui consultation on our home and office in 2015. Following her guidance and reports we implemented the necessary remedies and saw a huge shift in our business and personal lives. We were more focused, motivated, clear-headed and energetic.

In 2016, we again came to Patricia as we were in a crunch period for a huge financial goal in our business. Patricia’s support and sessions to clear our blocks was all we needed to realign with our goal. Our energy shifted within weeks and we manifested the largest financial goal we had ever set ourselves.

We’re grateful  every day that we found Patricia and her totally unique skills, intuition and services. It has revolutionised our outlook on everything and as a result our lives and business have been forever changed. For the better! Thank you Patricia, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Patricia and her work. 

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I had moved into my house last year & just felt a little disjointed and uncomfortable in it. I now absolutely LOVE my home & the support it gives me. The delivery of the course was brilliant & I could easily work it into my schedule. The facebook group was great as it was such a teamwork feel to see what everyone else was doing. I couldn’t recommend the course enough! Feng shui will be part of my life forever now!! – Anne MarieCo.Clare, Ireland

Teresa Clifford

The most profound affect of the course is focus, concentration and productivity and Overall my Income levels increased massively.  I’ve wanted to take my work on line since 2009! I was never able to think of a way  to do this. Since finishing the course within 2 months. I’ve written, recorded and launched my first online course. Created a webinar and sold my first online product. I almost immediately started to gain email subscribers.  I have recently been accepted as blogger for Fertility Road, and on a personal basis I’ve gone down 2 dress sizes. I loved the support, weekly calls and having the personal plan. .  I would highly recommend that others to do it by doing the course you will give yourself a stable energetic platform that supports you rather than keeps you stuck. – Amanda Farrar

Dawn Del Vecchio

Since working with Patricia Lohan the shifts for my entire family have been amazing!  Each time we work on a specific and focused items her guidance and expertise lead me to the results I long for.  Exceptional education for 7 straight years for my son, FREE…check!  Successful and growing business for my husband ….check! Stepping into higher visibility for my reputation and business…check!  Happier, healthier and more centered me…check!  My consults with Patricia are my absolute favorite times.  I start smiling as soon as we are on the call and that is before we even do any work.  She is just so on point with her vast assortment of resources.  While my house and I are continuously working to come together, my time with Patricia is beautiful co-creation.  I am grateful the Universe brought her to my life. Thank you Patricia – Talmar Anderson

Annita Keane – Founder Of The Keane Method

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“Can’t wait to share where I have got to with just the small bits of ‘work’ I did in the summer, I took your advice with the Feng Shui in the bedroom and it was very powerful!  Put it this way, I have two handsome men emailing me at the moment and both want to live in the West AND want to start a family asap!”

“I would highly recommend Patricia as a Feng Shui practitioner. What a transformative experience! The counsel I received was exceptional. She helped me see my apartment with fresh eyes, and gently suggested small, medium and radical changes, all of which have resulted in increased energy and positivity. Patricia also prepared a package of all the Feng Shui information that she’d shared with me during her visit, which guided me through the implementation plan. Since her consultation I’ve made many of the changes she suggested and I’m feeling renewed in my home and also inspired about life.”

“Patricia is brilliant at what she does and in her professional delivery of the material. She brings lots of joy and light to this work and it all makes for a wonderfully magical environment to grow and learn in.  And what better environment to learn in than a happy and relaxed one! I loved every minute of the training! A big THANK YOU to you Patricia for sharing your light with the world.”

“With Patricia’s guidance and one to one treatment, I find myself experiencing better physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Patricia is highly professional and the attention and care she brings to each session creates a unique therapeutic experience. I look forward to continuing with Patricia as I see the benefits of how it helps me in dealing with my busy personal and professional life.”

“Patricia is a kind bubbly character who gives off such positive energy you can’t help retain it. She not only provided healing but she also provided one to one advice when I was going through some personal and work anguish, stress and anxiety. Advice I still try to use on a day to day basis. I would advise anyone to go to Patricia as they will not regret it.”

“The strength and clarity that evolves after each session with Patricia has transformed my whole thought process and a has knock on effect in every day life! Amazing.”

“I contacted Patricia for a healing after suffering an emotional shock to my system. I felt nurtured and ‘held’ within the session.I noticed that I appeared to feel lighter and more grounded then before. The trauma that had previously felt unbearable had become bearable. I often feel that the experience was a turning point for me.

I find Patricia to have a great zest for life and positive friendly outlook, which is refreshing to be around.”

“Dear Patricia, on behalf of the committee of the Reiki Federation of Ireland, I just wanted to thank you for being the guest speaker at the RFI Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 5th April 2014. The session was a wonderful, beneficial and relaxing experience for those present. You do remarkable work and I wish you every success. Blessings and Light.”

“Life is a journey and sometimes in our fearful and egoic  nature we experience challenges and difficulties on the road. But there are always occasions when we are strengthened and encouraged and enlightened. For me one such occasion was  working with Patricia. Her Warm, joyful, energetic and enthusiastic welcome was the foundation to a beautiful healing experience . Patricia’s gentle yet powerful work awakened in me energy that needed to be cleared.  Thank you Patricia.”

“I’ve just completed the Soulmate Attraction Formula programme with Patricia and I can honestly say I have learned so much from the experience. I now have a much clearer understanding of how and why I attracted certain unhelpful and unhealthy relationships into my life in the past. I have learned some amazing tools and techniques for clearing what is standing in the way of attracting love and I now feel much clearer and more confident in attracting my soulmate. The course is very well laid out and can be taken at your own pace. My favourite part of the experience was connecting with a wonderful, supportive group of women who held space and were there for one another every step of the way. I’m very grateful to Patricia who has a natural talent for what she does. She’s strong, kind, patient, fun and extremely supportive and encouraging. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and the other women and I highly recommend the course.”

“Thanks so much for the amazing treatment yesterday. I slept so well last night and woke up feeling really good today, full of energy and feeling really balanced.”

What I love about this course is how insightful and understandable the information is. Patricia’s extensive knowledge and experience in Feng Shui is clearly evident … I love how she leads and supports the community and everyone’s own personal growth throughout. Since starting this course the energy in my home and family has lifted a thousand fold. I now know just how deserving and available all these dreams are to me! Thank you Patricia. – Laurie Kavanagh

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