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Selling Your House Using Feng Shui

Buying a house is a beautiful journey, but selling a house needs some energetic work. Do you know that your house has its own blueprint in it and depending on your relationship with your house, you can speed up the process of selling it? And if you do have that relationship with it, you can start by telling your house that you will be selling it and thanking the house for being a lovely home for you from when you start living in it.

There are many intentional first steps that you can take to sell your house and prepare yourself to move up to the next level in your life – moving to your new place. It’s also a good thing to prepare your old house in order for the new people to feel that the house is ready for them to move in.


Highlights of the episode… 

  • Bronwyn’s question about selling her house

  • Invitation to join the Feng Shui 101 program and get the option to buy the Buy & Sell Workshop

  • Some intentional first steps and energetic work that you can do to sell your house.

  • Why bother to have the house feng shui when you are already selling?



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