Happy St Bridget’s Day! 

What’s an exciting time – it’s ‘officially’ the start of spring – called ‘imbolc’ in pagan mythology

I LOVE how it aligns with the Chinese New Year coming on Tuesday!

A powerful time for starting NEW & fresh things!

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It’s been an EPIC week at a fab event here in NYC with so many inspirational entrepreneurs my mind is blown!

On the first day we had to say what we wanted support with …. mine was help with getting more TV appearances (watch the LACK of specificity in my request)

Two days later I’m at the networking event & the universe aligned that I got a VIP ticket to be in the Audience for Good Morning America Live – Serena Williams will be interviewed WOW! She was amazzzzing…









Early yesterday morning wrapped up my friend & I head to the show (it’s -15C) …it was soooo exciting I have never been on a live set like this before!

We get approached to be tasters for the cook off & get handed T-shirt’s to wear – I’m in the Patriots (I have no idea who they are)

The show starts & one of the production assistants asks if I could do the coin toss on the show!

Yes I have to run onto the stage on National TV & flip a coin (big board with Robin / Michaels face on it) who are these people anyways I’m wondering (SUPER FAMOUS HOSTS)

Then I got to decide the winning dish!








These few days are POWERFUL times especially on Tuesday to plant your seeds of intention…

Yes I got what I asked for more TV opportunities… no my exactly what I really wanted!

Next time I’m asking BIG U for more opportunities to be on TV sharing about Feng Shui…


Has this ever happened to you? Manifesting something you asked for & not being specific enough? Share your story with me click reply I’d LOVE to hear…


At least I can say I shared the stage with the Fabulous Serena


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Have a Fabulous week,

Patricia xxx



If you missed my training about the energies coming in for 2019 click here to catch the replay! get your forecast for 2019 click here!


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