Don’t you love crazy synchronicities…

On one of my last nights in the USA,

I was at a networking event

Suddenly I got this urge/nudge to leave.

Go to a different event that I knew was on in town.

Last as always … in the Uber on the way I bought the ticket.. $197…

Yes just for a couple of hours at a party …

TBH – it did feel crazy

I just felt I needed to be there.

I had NO IDEA why…

Maybe you’re feeling the urge about my live event (we still have tickets left click here) if you are looking for a sign – this is it!

I digress… this is how my brain works.. Not in straight lines..

I trusted this weird feeling and splurged…

I just knew I had to go..

Within seconds of arriving

I walked into a favourite client & her hubby (I lie I love all my clients) but this was a good sign, then turned around to bump into another friend!

My line for the night was…
Wow I didn’t know you were going to be here! 

It was like a crazy vortex of people that brought a smile to my face.

The night was really good but I was tired – super exhausted …

My feet were aching (my rubix cubes high heels were no longer my friend)

Just as I was about to go I spotted a guy who I’ve respected for ages in the online world so went to chat to him whilst waiting (in a polite cue).

I turned around & started chatting to the guy beside me.

Turns out THIS was really the person I was supposed to meet.

We literally had one of those conversations that I didn’t want to end soooo many synchronicities after another huge passions for spirituality, personal development, sound healing,

Feng Shui and sooo much more then he started to fill me in on what he was working on …

It gave me the shivers (which for me is a big sign)

Signs seem to be the theme today…

He has been helping bring this magical movie and documentary series out to the world – where his friend spent … years travelling the world interviewing some of the most well known indigenous elders, wisdom keepers, thought leaders healers and shamans.

This is GOLD!

This movie & series documentary if free to watch. I can’t wait to watch it ..

Check it out! 

So excited to share this with you and let me know how you get on watching it, I will be devouring it on the 24th of April when it goes live!

Here are all the deets again!

Signing off as I’m about to get my hair done,

Patricia xxx

P.S.  If you want a sneak peek at what I’ll be talking about at Vision to Reality Live in Dublin 

This is a quick video snippet below… VISIONS to REALITY this is a cute taster! Tickets have been flying out the door literally AND people are booking flights to attend this event OMG … get your ticket here..

P.P.S. If your ears perked up at the sound of Rubix Cube shoes..check these babies out.. I LOVE them.. how cool are they…

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