Suzanne B. - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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Before Patricia: my life was dust, rubbish, horrible. I had no money. My relationship sucked. I was stressed to the max. I  knew I was destined for better things, but nothing was working. I had to force everything… I was trying everything and nothing was working. My friend Martha posted about an e-book she downloaded and followed — which was written by Patricia. I decided to give her PowerHouse Masterclass a try, just to see what happens.

Suddenly, things started to change financially. I ended my relationship and within a month, I met someone who was 100% the love of my life. Within a month he had asked me to marry him! I know if it hadn’t been for Feng Shui, it wouldn’t have happened. I’d still be miserable, sick and depressed, and yet I can only thank Feng Shui for the opposite.

Just jump off the offence. Don’t worry about finding the money. There’s always money out there. You’ll always find it. You’ll always be able to pay for it. Don’t even let it cross your mind because you’ll be bringing so much more into your life. Just go with it. Follow instructions, offload the questions and just let the magic happen.