Suzanne R. - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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I had been looking forward to doing the course for a couple of years, but I’ve been putting it off. Suddenly I got overwhelmed with a thought of a change — it was time to do it. Things just just felt very very blocked in my apartment, which was beautiful and everything I wanted. But it wasn’t coming together.

The most brilliant thing that came out of doing the course was the impact it had on my creativity — I wrote my first book. My God, I’ve got a book that is now getting five stars. Thank you PowerHouse Feng Shui, because I was always struggling with the direction, I should be focusing my creativity on. Money-wise, I manifested not only the money to cover the rent for the next six months, but 6 months after I manifested 26 grands in a weekend. This is the vision I have written down, what I wanted. And I got it almost to the penny.

If you are considering this and you’re sitting on fence, getting splinters in your backside… don’t procrastinate. Just get on there, sign up, be there and do it because you will not regret it. Inspiring, helpful, amazing things are coming your way that will upgrade your life to something amazing.