I’m just feeling my way back into real life after a surreal time in the jungle last weekend!

I even met a modern day Tarzan!! Being surrounded by nature and bringing nature into your home is so vital an uplifting!

What I love so much about this connecting with the vibration of nature and all the sounds that are so soothing and healing. This in Feng Shui is positive chi known as Sound sheng

This positive chi brings so much peace to our bodies and mind which brings me right back to my sound healing days.

While I was teaching the Bali Bliss Retreat (more on that soon) – I played some of the audios and meditations which I had created a couple of years ago…

I spent nearly a week in a tiny professional recording studio creating the most magical sounds and meditations using my tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and gongs. These audios I got made into CD’s – YES CD’s and often sold at my sound healing sessions and market stalls.

One of the ladies on the retreat asked me where can I get a copy of this meditation? I said ohh they are on my computer!

I described the 10 different types of audios I had created (on auspicious dates, mantras, meditations, sleep audios, space clearing sounds) along with the use of the powerful transformational sounds of the bowls.. AND nobody could access them!!

#cue flash business coaching session…

Why can’t I buy them she demanded?

If I could I would go directly to your site and buy all of them.

So better late than never I have taken action – I am so excited to share with the world for the first time four of my meditations here!!! You can also click to get a sneak peek at the audios to a hear a sample of my creations.

This are ESPECIALLY powerful if you are looking for some deep relaxation and need to switch your brain off!! (for a while)

Get them here!

Today’s tips is actually about a different type of Chi (negative chi) Sight Sha Chi …

If this part of your home Sha Chi (negative chi) it can impact your health and livelihood.

Let me know what you think of the audios and share with anyone you think could do with a dose of zen in their lives!

Have a fabulous week..



P.S. We have a VERY exciting announcement next week! Watch this space.

P.P.S. If you skipped all the way to the end I’ve a fab range of samplers of meditations and audios that I made WAYYY back… have a listen here! Enjoy 🙂 <3

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