Tarzan K. - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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When I first met Patricia, I was stuck between the present and the past. Having just moved into our new home, I wanted it to be a place that would provide a strong foundation for my family’s growth — emotionally, financially and spiritually. But I was struggling — I was still trying to finalize the sale of my previous home, while being 8 months pregnant AND the primary income source for my family. Talking about being under pressure! I was in need of nothing short of a miracle, so I turned to Patricia. I started implementing her suggestions and the remedies covered in the course. Next thing I know, my old house had a buyer. We started feeling more relaxed and happier in our new home. My home office became my sacred space and started to support me BIG TIME. The first year I worked with Patrica, my business was making about $236,000 a year. After two and a half years working with her, my business has had it’s first $1,000,000 year! There’s no way that would have happened without Patricia’s help and all the lessons I learned in the course. I looked at my list of goals from last year and realized that since I started letting the power of Feng Shui into my life, I’ve achieved every single one of them!