I was sitting in meditation today and

I burst out laughing…

this memory popped in my mind

(I know I was supposed to be meditating!!)

But this was too funny!!

I superglued my hands together

We were sent (in a good way) to the country to stay with my auntie and granny during the school holidays..

where me and my sisters got away with murder..

playing havoc in our chilled aunts home
playing, baking, cooking, chasing sheep in fields

It was paradise!

Back to the glue!

I have no idea what I was doing with the super glue???

Next thing my hands are tightly locked together

And I’m screaming…

My granny is roaring

My granny bounced between shouting out loud sweet jesus, mary and joseph and blessing herself to praying???

My sisters running around laughing (obvs this is the funniest thing ever for them)

My aunt arrives into this mayhem thinking someone has obviously just died!!!!

And finds me with my hands firmly stuck together

Auntie took control after a few bad words (I don’t think she knew what she was doing but she just got on with it)

After lots of brute force, severely hot water, washing up liquid, a kitchen knife and whatever else was under the kitchen sink – my hands were wedged apart.

Thank God (thanks Granny for the prayers they worked)

Now I can look back and laugh – I’m sure you are too…

See what an absolute twit I was

Truth is it was terrifying

I had no idea would my hands be wedged together forever?
How would I eat, get dressed, go to the loo?

It was a horrible moment in time.

Right now – we are going through the unknown…

it’s all a bit scary and weird out there

Nobody has been through times like this

You – just like me have all gone through moments where it was the worst thing ever and totally overcame them!!

Right now

I’m all about focusing on what I can control (lucky my hands are included in that)

that’s my body, my health, my mindset, my home, my environment, my fashion sense (yes that jumper – granny knitted for me had shoulder pads – Picture: me & granny on my confirmation day)

As this too shall pass

What will you be looking back on laughing about?

Hit reply and share. I can’t wait to hear!!


Patricia xxx

P.S. Last week – I had some people reach out about doing something more bite sized.
A beginners course in Feng Shui – I’m excited to say I’ve listened and taken action… here are the details if you’re interested in focusing on your home more during this time – this is the perfect place to start – https://fengshui.patricialohan.com/happy-home/

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