Maybe I thought I’d have more fun?

Perhaps subconsciously I wanted to test the hypothesis that blondes have more fun…

Way back when I was going through my ‘rocky’ phase or verrrrry dark night of the soul (That I didn’t even realise I was going through)

I was numb & trying hard to numb everything out.

I decided to go blonde

Full platinum blonde
From a dark brunette

(If you haven’t noticed by now I don’t do anything in halves)



Smoke started coming from my head at one stage… (frantic hairdressers unforgettable facial expressions are imprinted on my brain to this day!!)

My scalp was nearly burned off…

The thing is a part of me knew I needed to shake things up in my life and the only way I knew how to do that back then was on the external plane.

I had already decluttered my long term boyfriend

I had moved house

I had lost lots of weight & put on again

I had ran a marathon

I had drank copious amounts of alcohol

Consumed enough jäger bombs to have shares in the company.

I didn’t realise what a dark place I was in (despite my glistening blonde locks)

I was running through the motions…

Yet everyday I was getting closer to coming home to me (the very long way)

The thing amongst all that craziness was

What I needed arrived before me…

My first yoga teacher
My first life coach
A friend who introduced me Astrology
My first meditation circle
Angel Card Reader
My first energy healer

They were all under my nose nudging me in the direction that I was supposed to be heading…

ehhh my Feng Shui books from 15 year old me were on the shelves in my parents house!!!

It took a while..

to see the signs..

So if you’re feeling weird right now about everything or anything

– your direction, what you’re doing, take note of the people and things popping up around you…

(it is strange times we are in but we are being called to step into a different version of ourselves a truer one)

The signs are around

Its just to watch out for them and make space for them to come –

That’s why the first module in my feng Shui programme we cover decluttering – you have to make space for the new to enter…

Give yourself permission to let go of something today (anything, something that you haven’t used in ages / a gadget you don’t use / some clothes anything..) so you make space to welcome in the new to you..

I realise I had to let go of my old identity a bit to get to where I was going..

Share what you’re gonna tackle to change / clear… hit reply share with me so I can cheer you on!!!





P.S. The blonde hair experiment lasted one year exactly & In case you were ever wondering – from my personal experience blondes don’t have any more fun…


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