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The Biggest Manifestation Hack Ever – Special Training – To Having

In this live episode, Patricia is going to facilitate a bonus training day, wherein you will learn how to appreciate all the things in your life that support you, the things that you have and even the things that we take for granted.  Here you will be encouraged to appreciate even your utility bills, that support you for electricity.  You will also learn how to tap into the vibration, the energy of HAVING, the things that you don’t have at the moment. When you come from a place of appreciation, you are going to call in abundance in your life. 

Highlights of the episode…

  • What is the concept inside the Workbook for the bonus day of the training?
  • Appreciating what we have and even those things that we take for granted.
  • The three things that we have control of.
  • Going over the fifty things  that you have and seeing behind each of the things and what it does to support you. 
  • Think of the ten things that magically manifested over to you.
  • The Meditation Exercise
  • Inspiration from the song, to ask the magic question. 


Song by Fia – Magic Question from the album Waterfall of Wisdom

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