I was all gung ho


my dice unto my to-do list ready 

for a sssuuuuuppppeeer productive day! 


I decided to move a table with Ken 


Next thing 


I’m over on my ankle 




I know the routine 


Sit down

Leg Up 

Ice Ice lce baby 


I sat on the closest chair to me 


Which is in the middle of the garden 


Leg up 

I looked up and smiled 


Yes my ankle was sore 

Yes I should have watched where I was going 


But the gift 


became so evident immediately! 


The sun was shining through the leaves beaming down at me.


It felt sooo good 


I closed my eyes & 


drank up the sunshine 


I remembered last week 


I visited the local Balinese Healer 


He recommended I look at the sun and smile at the sun & drink in the energy – soak it up – swallow the sunlight into me

(I hadn’t done it) 


So now was the time to do it. 


It felt sooo good to stop & breathe in the sun 


Then I started to notice more around me – just the beauty & perfection of it all! 


A dragon fly buzzing around me 

The blue sky 

The birds 

The frogs in the pond 


I hadn’t sat in meditation this morning (I was tooo busy) 


Have you stopped today to drink up the sun – take in all the beauty that surrounds us all the time!! 


Take a moment & breathe drink it in 


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