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The Journey of Wins by Michelle McDonald

When people hear about Feng Shui and how people are able to experience winfalls,  they are often skeptical and say that it’s all coincidence.  But if you really listen to the success stories of those who embraced feng shui, there is no way that everything is just coincidence.  

Listen to how Michelle McDonald is so passionate about sharing her story in this episode.  She is a  nurse and basically nursing is based on scientific principles and application, but she fully believes in the power of Feng Shui. Listen until the end and learn more of her journey of wins.

Highlights of the episode…

  • Introduction of self by Michelle, her initiation to feng shui and the wins that keep coming up her way.
  • More and more are joining the online community and the amazing results that’s happening to those who took action. 
  • Michelle and Patricia talking about calling the love of their life.
  • Change of environment sometimes is all you need.
  • Why do people need to join the PowerHouse?


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