The beauty of the energy of excitement is, it is such an optimist, positive and highly vibrational and it is actually part of me. 


I get excited about a lot of things and I love it because it keeps my mindset and my energy vibrational. 


The beauty of it is we have the permission to manage our emotions about everything and anything.


Recently, I’ve been doing some more affirmations and writing my story and my visions. One of the lines I used is I’m excited rather than I’m grateful. 


I am excited about the good things unfolding for me. 


I’m noticing the small things which builds this muscle of being excited. It helps you release endorphins, and positive vibes spread throughout your whole body.


Some of the things I’ve gotten really excited about lately is my hair being done and this may not seem like a big deal, but I got excited and it makes me feel good.


I also get excited about my nail polish too.


I was at the nail bar and I was looking at the sparkly nail polishes. I typically go red or bright pink and I’m like, ‘Hey, I want to go for something that’s going to make me get excited and joyful’.


We have control of our energy and the way we want to think. Our mind is so cool and powerful.


Another thing I got excited about is my chair. 


Like, Oh my God, I LOVE it so much and it makes me feel good and Oh wow!!


It’s all the little things in your everyday life that you get excited about – like putting on something.


I love putting on earrings. They make me feel excited, they make me feel good. 


If things don’t make you feel good, they’re actually depleting you.


We can find a place and a way to get excited and that energy of excitement is the same energy of vibration as joy and ecstasy. And that’s where we can really raise endorphins and attract more of it. 


Give yourself a chance to think about how you could think about the small things or make the small things more exciting.


For me, I changed my nail polish to make it feel more exciting and more joyful and more fulfilling and I feel good after doing it. 


I have this big project I’ve been working on and it’s taken me so long to do it. 


One of the big things of doing this project is that it’s going to help more people and by doing that it’s going to give me more, more excitement. 


Excitement and joy for me is a little bit different to gratitude.


I’m a big fan of expressing gratitude and that’s not something to be overlooked. 


It is a tiny little part that’s not twice worthy, that’s like “Ooh, thank you”, as opposed to delighted – an expectant energy that  is soooo much more powerful. 


Singing, moving, going into nature, it makes us feel good and that will open you up to allow the positive vibes and the ideas to flow in.


Share something that you could get excited about. Something that you’ve been excited about recently. 


Even if it’s like the tiniest thing, allow yourself to connect with that energy of excitement because it is so healing and therapeutic and it really opens you up to receiving more good stuff into your life. 


Be happy, be excited and allow new things into your life with a vibration of excitement.

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