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The Luckiest Day of The Year in Feng Shui

888 is the luckiest three numbers in Feng Shui. And it happened to be Patricia’s birthday!

Today, Patricia will be sharing with you all about the luckiest day of the year. She will be talking about numbers, dates, and astrology. Patricia is truly grateful to all of you who are tuning in today, on the 8th of August.

Having that lucky combination does not stop there, they run different analyses in their clients’ homes, with specific areas such as the combinations of energies in their health area, career area, and wealth area. But in general, these three numbers (888) signify wealth, prosperity, good luck, and abundance flow.

Best to stay tuned for more exciting information shared by Patricia. Also, this is your official invitation to join Patricia’s birthday party. It’s going to be on the 10th of August. It is going to be fun and exciting! Just sign up in this link to get connected to Patricia’s Birthday Giveaway.

Highlights of the episode…
The luckiest day of the year and Patricia’s birthday
What are the luckiest numbers and dates of the year?
One of the process in analyzing their clients’ homes
What is Lionsgate?
Alignment of Feng Shui and Astrology

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