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The Power of Live Events: Kath Freeman’s Transformation and Connection Within the Community

Live your Dreams Awake –

Ever wondered what it feels like to live your dream? We unravel a tale that might inspire you to chase yours. Kath Freeman, a treasured pillar of our community, joins us to share a journey that’s as colorful as her artwork. Not only has she stepped into a thrilling new professional role, but she’s also landed an enviable space in a local gallery to showcase her artistry. And she’s doing it all on her terms. But this story isn’t solely about Kath’s milestones; it’s about the undeniable bond she’s formed with our community, both online and offline. Every event, every interaction, has added a layer to her incredible journey. Hungry for a tale of ambition, community, and pure determination? Let’s immerse ourselves in Kath Freeman’s world.

Highlights of the episode… 

  • Discover how Kath’s dedication and vision led her to secure her very own space at a local gallery

  • Get a sneak peek into Kath’s plans as she gears up to showcase her talents, lighting up the winter season

  • Travel through time as Kath recollects her unforgettable moments at Patricia’s live events

  • Feel the warmth and unity of the PowerHouse community, both online and offline, through Kath’s vivid stories.

  • Unearth the magic of these events, from the immersive music sessions to the strong bonds of friendship formed.

  • Delve into how these transformative events nurtured Kath’s mindset and personal growth.

  • Learn about the significance of resetting negative thoughts and maintaining momentum toward one’s dreams.


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