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The Truth about Feng Shui

There’s so much information out there about Feng Shui that people are already being misguided with practices that are incorrect.

Even experts now have different things to say about what feng shui really is and what isn’t.

Feng Shui is a transformational practice that has rules, but there’s more to it than just its do’s and don’ts.

In this episode, we will be educated on the truth about Feng Shui. Here, we will discover some of the most common misconceptions and correct them for us to be in a better and more effective practice of Feng Shui.

Highlights of the episode…

  • Understand why the location and the degree of your home on the site are more important than the placement of toilets and doors;
  • Discover the common Feng Shui misconceptions, from placing furniture to the usage of aesthetics and colors, and know what part of the common belief aren’t actually true; and
  • Find out tips on how you can have an improved life and home through easy and logical Feng Shui


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