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The voice in the head – Our Surrender Experiment

Welcome to the Powerhouse Feng Shui Podcast with your host, Patricia Lohan! Join me as we dive deep into topics like surrender, meditation, spiritual practices, personal growth, surrounding yourself with positive energy, and mindfulness.
Through engaging discussions, personal experiences, and insights from experts, I uncover the transformative journey of embracing surrender and mindfulness in everyday life. From waking up with purposeful practices to navigating challenges with grace, this episode offers practical wisdom and inspiration for living authentically and thriving in alignment with your true self.
Tune in and embark on a transformative adventure towards inner peace, joy, and personal empowerment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Letting go of judgment and embracing surrender is key to focusing inward and living from the heart.
  • Trusting the flow of life and walking in alignment with your true self can lead to unexpected opportunities and experiences that align with your path.
  • Doing things from a place of love, joy, and devotion can create positivity and make a meaningful difference in the world around you.

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