Last week in the very end of my email…

In the P.S.

I asked a favour to answer a few questions for me….

I wanted to really know

How I can help you…

One question was…

If you could ask me anything what would that be… (you can still ask me by clicking here)

I got loads of responses.. YAY & Thank you.

So let’s have some fun: I’m going to do some lives over in the FB Group answering the questions (every Monday) and here in my weekly email.

Here is the first question:

Just how I can keep those negative thoughts away? It’s like I’m useless at everything.

I hear you, honestly I have negative thoughts too…a friend of mine calls them shitty committee…

I made a quick video to give you a useful tool to stop the negative thoughts – skip to 30secs in to watch it fully ( I had tech glitch with the camera)… share in the comments your insights – I can’t wait to hear… Click here to listen!


Hit reply and cc yourself! I want to see a list of things that you are GOOD at and send me them!
I’m sure that you have gifts that I don’t even have!
I’m excited to read them..

Have a wonderful weekend,


Patricia x

P.S. I don’t have the lotto numbers (sorry) for you this week, I DO have a VERY VERY VERY special announcement coming up where I will be showing you HOW to get into alignment to be able to UNLOCK the flow of money and potentially the lotto to you!

P.P.S. If you have a burning question that you want me to answer – Click Here

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