​It feels like yesterday!

This week 3 years ago Ken and I set out on our journey to the unknown

We had the no plan – plan!

Yes part of our wedding vows was a life of Random Adventures

We didn’t have a plan or much money just a desire to go….

( Here we are at the airport the day we left and at the weekend waiting for the Christmas lights being switched on in Ljubliana)

Little did we know what was ahead…

We landed in Goa and started our new life in a rickety shack!

Then upgraded to little hut – one that had windows tied up with blue rope (no joke)

Then moved to Bali on a whim…

Ken had finished his work as an engineer after nearly 30 years and I had quit my in person sound healing business in Ireland

I had no clue how I was going to generate an income or what I was going to do.

Three years feels like SO long ago as we have done so much and achieved so much.

Yet it’s such a short time in reality!

We have worked hard and created something beyond our wildest dreams and the ability to create our life on our terms.

We have got a clearer idea about what we are creating and doing – if we can do all this in three years on a whim imagine what’s going to unfold with some intention behind it –


VERY EXCITED about the years ahead of amazing adventures, abundance, growth and fun.

I did a Live Manifesting MasterClass yesterday (the bonus if you bought my Happy Home Book) and I talked all about Manifesting my dreams into reality! The recording is now available for those of you who have bought the book. If you haven’t bought your copy yet, the book is still available here.

Of course the magic sparkle dust is the Feng Shui for me and one thing we ALWAYS did was energise our prosperity bowl to ensure the money kept flowing in… learn how to make your very own prosperity jar:

Have an amazing day,


Patricia xxx

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