I still haven’t mastered this fully myself.


It’s okay.

I’m sitting at my best friends kitchen table, there is an unusual blue sky outside (I’m in Galway – back home).

A couple of my friends here are all training for the Cork marathon in a couple of weeks time.

No pressure here.

I’ve ticked that goal off my bucket list a long time ago.

I am part of the 1% in the world that has completed a Marathon.

I did the New York Marathon in 2008,

not sure I’ll do again  😐

In the video today, I share how goals are way easier to accomplish than visions

This is exactly

WHY I’m sooo passionate about overall Big Visions… 

and not goals…

Today I realised…

I have been sooo focused on my business vision.

I forgot about my health/fitness vision…

I had abandoned that part (for now).

it’s not time for self flagellation (I’m so far away from it I had to google how to spell the word)…

The best part is seeing it and realising AHA.

Success is not a straight line!

And knowing that having the vision is only one part.

There are often subconscious patterns hidden underneath that are literally blocking the vision unfolding (not Feng Shui as i’ve my house covered).

I’m going to be doing some decluttering of beliefs and stuff….

And doing some digging into why did I put it to the side burner and clear some of those beliefs, revisit my vision for my body & health over the next few days.

Is there a part of your vision that you’ve been neglecting? Or putting to the side?

This is an opportunity not to beat yourself but just a moment to gooo ahh-ahha…

See what tiny action you can do to turn it around.

The biggest thing is no matter what’s going on we are not all perfect.

We are a work in progress.

And it’s perfect.

I love this stuff so much and this EXACTLY some of the deep diving we will be doing at the Vision to Reality Day in Dublin (if you haven’t got your ticket grab it here before they sell out!!)

If you’ve had an Aha from the video hit reply and let me know what aha and action you are going to take – can’t wait to hear.

Have a glorious day,


Patricia xxx

P.S. There is alot of juicinessssss unfolding in the next few weeks – more action in Dream Life & Biz Creators, some SERIOUS INSPIRED ACTION fun and announcements about Bali! Watch this space.

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