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Wealth and Feng Shui

Feng Shui and wealth is a topic that has been explored over and over and over, and it’s something everyone wants to talk about. Who doesn’t want more abundance and prosperity in their lives?

Feng shui for wealth includes money tips that you can do today to call in more money, abundance, and prosperity in your life. Feng Shui is highly associated with wealth and prosperity; in fact, it also translates to “good health and good harvest” in English. Basically, you reap what you sow.


Here are a few Feng Shui tips to implement TODAY for more wealth:

Slowing Your Outflow with Red String

This tip is so simple and easy: all you need is a little bit of red string. What does a little bit of red string have to do with Feng Shui? Well, we want to use some red string, or even some red paper to mark the outflows of your home.

Go into your bathroom, and find the pipe underneath the sink where the water flows down. Tie a little bit of red string around that pipe. You can do the same in your shower and the main sink in your kitchen because money is associated with the water element.

The water element flows in and around our homes, and when the water element comes to the sink, it is one of the exits for it from our homes. You may have already heard the idea of keeping your toilet seat down and your bathroom door closed, but doing these things is also going to help you keep the money in your home. We also want to put that red ribbon around these places, because that’s flowing water (no pun intended.). The water is flowing and the red string will slow the water down.

Feng shui is related to the five elements, and we work with all of these different elements in very different ways.

Personal Story: When I Feng Shui someone’s home, we will look at the elements going on in every area of their home and work with them. (The five elements are fire, water, metal, Earth, and wood). We then see which is optimal to put in your house, but we’re also looking at different parts of the house, where these elements are interacting with each other. The water is going down and then comes the fire so it kind of slows it. These actions allow the slowing of that energy leaving your home.

Don’t Let Your Money Drip Away

The second tip is to fix any leaks or drippy faucets, or attacks in your home. (Yes, we are back to the water element.) If water represents money and prosperity coming into your home we definitely don’t want it drip, drip, drip away.

Now, I have seen it countless times with my clients. When looking, they find a pipe that has been dripping or leaking. They will see that there’s this constant outflow or maybe even more bills than they’re used to having.

Get all of your pipes and faucets cleaned up and make sure they’re not dripping so that you are holding on to that abundance in your home.

Maximizing Your Front Door

The front door is a super powerful part of your home and is connected with the wealth and prosperity that you’re welcoming in. You want to make sure that wealth comes in. You want to make sure that the money gets in, and if the door is tough to open it can mean a struggle for energy and money opportunities and good things to come into your life. Make sure that the front door is super easy to get open.

Since we’re on the topic of the front door, let’s talk about the back door for just a second. A very well-known idea and philosophy is that the front door is the mouth of your home. It’s where the energy comes in, and if it is facing the back door, that means that it’s coming in and going out. Not good.

Is this mirroring back to what’s happening in your life right now? Is there not enough money in the house to pay the bills? Or when money comes in and it’s gone immediately, your hard work just disappears.

Personal Story: Ken built this house, and I moved in after it was finished. I said, “Whoa, we need to stop this energy blowing from the front of the back. I didn’t want all the money to disappear.” But, I couldn’t exactly change the structure of the home. What did I do? I got some beautiful light sheer curtains and put them on the window. I also created an energetic barrier so when I walked in the front door there was a space or table that was the key. You came in and had a beautiful piece of artwork and lamp and I need to kind of hold the chi in.

If you’re in the same situation (where the front door face the back door), here a couple of things you can do:

  • put something up on that back window, like a curtain
  • keep a door between those two spaces closed
  • put a plant on that back window / backdoors to slow down the chi

Want more Feng Shui and wealth in your home

There are many steps to activating Feng Shui in your home. These tips are very simple and easy to do.

I have plenty more tips in my guide that show the five steps to calling in more wealth, abundance, and prosperity using Feng Shui. You can download my money guide here.