Hello hello!

What a week we had last week! Two weeks ago, we welcomed a group of wonderful women who joined me in the tropical paradise for a week of self care, nourishment, diving deep into dreams, washing away limiting beliefs & old stories.

We had a magical week, Mama Bali did not disappoint. (If you want to be the first to know about the next one click here)

It felt weird waking up in our new house not to have a day of activities ahead in some ways sad as it’s a week like that doesn’t feel like ‘work’

As the quote says: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

My typical modus operandi is to dive back into ‘real life’  and there were loads of options of ‘doing’ and people to see & Ubud circles to go too..

Yet, I felt the pull back to our new home.

I’d still to unpack properly & start making the place our own. There is still plenty to do & Feng Shui’ing galore!

I hastily removed a mirror from facing the front door & found a squashed dead gecko neither good Feng Shui!

I’m excited to raise the energy here, we have the most spectacular expansive views & it feels great – follow me on Instagram I’ll be doing stories as I ‘Feng Shui’ the place.

My focus is what today’s video is all about how each part of your home has a function!

Have a look around your space & see which areas might need a bit of improvement?

Have a great week,

Love from Bali,

Patricia xxx

P.S. don’t miss out – I’ll be plotting the next Bali Bliss retreat so if you wanna be be the first to know click here!

P.P.S sneak peak of Sunrise from our bedroom for more pics & lotsa insta stories follow me here.

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