I love riding a scooter

I mean reallllyyyyyy LOVE it,

Being on a scooter gives me such a feeling of freedom

Our scooter guy (Ketut) brought us scooters this time.

I got a small, old one….

A really old one, lots of things didn’t really work.
(I usually have a sparkly new bike)

I was disappointed it wasn’t what I wanted

I was frustrated riding it, It hurt going over bumps.

It was getting me from A-B but it wasn’t me.

I was making DO

And doing so I was saying my booty & back wasn’t important.

I was frustrated.

Finally, I decided last week I’m going to buy a new bike for myself.

I changed my perspective brought my focus to a NEW bike.

Rather than the old dodgy bike that was driving me nuttsss… .

I focused on what I actually wanted as opposed to what I didn’t have, talked to Ken about getting a new bike, to my friends about a new bike.

Hey presto!

The next day Ketut messages to say he has a brand new bike for me if I wait a day or too…

Today.. My new bike arrived.

YAY Hello New Bike!

All it took was one tiny shift in the mindset to turn it around…

Today’s video is one other way that we can unintentionally block our desires and dreams…

Hit reply and answer! I LOVE to hear from you…

1. What are you focusing on that you don’t want?

2. HOW can you turn that around to actually come into fruition?


Patricia xxx

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