I’m going to share who my favorite teacher was. 


This is something that gave me a big insight because it took me a minute to think about it.


When I did reflect back over my favorite teachers, a few different teachers actually came into my mind and one of them was Mrs. Henley. 


I just loved how cool she was. 


She was super chilled out, she was strict but cool.


And I loved her.


She wasn’t as much as our other teachers without our homework done and all our work done. But we were allowed to have more playfulness and she had a real giddy playful nature which was super fun.


As I went through the years of different teachers that popped into my mind I have this teacher that really stood out because I can resonate myself in him.


He was an older man and he was actually teaching first language. 


He was sooooo passionate about the subject. 


He just loved it so much. 


That was one of the things that I just really resonated with. 


It is important for everyone that if you’re teaching something, you should have put passion on it. 




I remember him teaching us some Irish poems and he would bring props and throw seaweeds around us. It was his techniques to get us into a new learning mode.


It was such a different way of learning with him because he’s sooooo enthusiastic.


He taught us from a different direction. 


It wasn’t just like sitting and reading the books to life…


But he brought the end of the language to life and that’s one of the big things. 


He really gave examples, his enthusiasm and passion for it.


He’s the principal of the school and he really cared about all the students.


There’s one thing that I really love to do in my course or for myself.


It’s like what’s the shortcut? What’s the easiest way?


And I’ll never forget, like a few weeks before the big exam. 


He came into school. He had written out all these example essays for us. And he said “just study these, these these….”


So I just did whatever he said, because I just loved his passion for it. 


I studied them and learned loads of what he was talking about in his description and everything.


And no word of a lie. On the day of the exam, one of the essay topics was like, pretty much identical to what are the essays that he told us to study and learn.


And I was like “YES!!!!!”


It was like what’s the way you can get the shortcuts, the easiest way…


 It’s NOT about cheating….


It was more on how we can make it easier, faster, quicker, more efficient and absorb the information in a way that was much simpler. 


Like in my program, we have a class that is called the 80/20 rule. It is how to get 80% of the result with 20% of the effort. It’s like how are you going to learn the fastest, get the best results in the quickest time. 


For me, efficiency is a really big thing but  it also came through that energy of passion.


Going back and seeing the things that really resonate with me, as him as a teacher was his own, his playfulness, his passion, and also his way of trying to make it easier for us and making it short. 


The main thing is you have the passion and the information, when you combine those together it makes our life a lot easier. 


Teaching is so fun and styles of teaching can really suit different people and we can do it much easier.


It’s about  getting 80% of the result with 20% of the effort.

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