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Your MONEY Corner (SE Area of your Home)

You’ve heard about a Money Corner in Feng Shui… but do you know where it is?

In this post, you’ll learn where your Money Corner is in your home and how you can enhance that area to attract money, prosperity, and wealth. 

I always like to describe Feng Shui as acupuncture for your home. Think about acupuncture on a person. When you go to the acupuncturist, he or she will work on the Qi and they will work on really getting the energy flowing around each of the organs. Each organ has its own function…  the lungs, the heart, the liver, they have their own job. 

In Feng Shui, every single part of your home represents and influences a different part of your life or business or career. There’s an area for love, for travel, for fame… and an area for Wealth & Prosperity! 


How to Find Your Money Corner

Each area of your home is divided according to compass directions. In Feng Shui, the South East area represents Wealth and Prosperity and Abundance. 

To find your money corner or wealth area, the easiest way to get started is to use the compass pre-loaded on your iPhone or Android phone. All you have to do is open it up and hold it steady and it will give you a general idea of each direction of your home. It doesn’t matter where you stand since the southeast is always going to be between the south and the east part of your home.

Keep in mind, that although it’s frequently called a “Money Corner” this might not be a corner at all! It might be a general area of your home if your house is more of an open concept, or it might be in an actual corner, or it might be a bathroom!. It really doesn’t matter so don’t get too bogged down in the specifics of the location. 

Money Corner Tips to Attract Abundance

Once you find the South East area of your home, move over towards that direction and look around. Take note of what you see and how you feel. Ask yourself: What’s here? How does it feel when I’m here? Does it feel positive? Does it feel good?

The goal is to feel prosperous, abundant, positive. If it doesn’t feel that way, it’s time to make some changes! Get rid of anything that is broken or bringing the area down. Then add in luxurious touches that make you feel prosperous and overflowing with abundance. 

What if my Money Corner is in my Laundry or Bathroom? 

Even if your money corner is in a bathroom or a laundry room, there are always ways to upgrade and make these areas feel prosperous! So for example, if your prosperity area happens to be your bathroom or your toilet, don’t worry! You are not doomed for life. That’s just a whole misconception. There’s so much more to Feng Shui than just the actual area of the home and the location of the toilets and I talk more about that in my PowerHouse Program (join us!)

So if the South East area of your home is your bathroom, think about what you could bring into your bathroom to make it feel more prosperous, more abundant? Ask yourself, how can I make this bathroom a five-star luxury bathroom? Is it getting some new towels and more new floor mats? Would it be getting some nice hand soap and some hand cream? Bringing some flowers? Allow yourself to upgrade that space.

While you’re working to upgrade your space, it’s extremely important to also make sure that there’s nothing in that area that could be depleting the energy. This is where decluttering and fixing things comes in! First take note of anything that’s broken or damaged or not working properly. For example, if your Money Corner is in a bathroom and the tap is leaky, that is a representation of money drifting away. 

Next, get organized and declutter anything old and anything that no longer serves you, or that is carrying negative energy. Be sure the space looks inviting, clean, and clear of clutter. Think of it like this… when you clear things out, you’re making room for more abundance to come in. 

So anything that you can let go of out of that area, take it out, let it go and say, “I’m releasing you and I’m replacing you with more abundance. I’m replacing you with a new client. I’m replacing you with finding my soulmate.” 

Manifest Your Wealth

Once your Money Corner is free of clutter and your upgrades are in place, I’m a big fan of setting intentions and affirmations to manifest the life of your dreams. For prosperity, write some intentions such as, “I’m a money magnet” or “Money is my best friend” or “An infinite supply of abundance pours into my life every single day and I’m so excited and delighted about that.” Whatever your intentions, write them down and put them in that area of your home. 

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